Program for the first Rethinking the Medieval Frontier Conference, Leeds, April 10th 2018

We can now announce the program for our first conference, for your delectation and consideration! For registration, follow this link.

  • 09:45 registration and refreshments
  • 10:15-10:30 welcome
  • 10:30-11:00 Keynote Address: Patrick Fazioli (Mercy College), ‘Social Networks, Complex Systems, and the Medieval Frontier: Towards an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Borderlands’
  • 11:00-11:30 coffee
  • 11:30-13:00 Session 1 (2 parallel strands)
      Strand 1 (mod. Luca Zavagno): Geography and the Frontier

    • Anna Kelley (University of Birmingham), ‘Populating the desert frontiers: the trading communities of the Saharan and Arabian Deserts’
    • Norman Wetzig (Martin-Luther-University Halle Wittenberg), ‘Defining space and border of landscapes and minds: a multimethodological definition of early Byzantine Phoenicia’
    • Marco Panato (University of Nottingham), ‘Rethinking the role of rivers as frontiers in the central Po valley in a long-durée perspective’
    • Rebecca Darley (Birkbeck, University of London), ‘What is the difference between a frontier and an edge?’
      Strand 2 (mod. Jonathan Jarrett): The Frontier from the Local Perspective

    • Charles Insley (University of Manchester), ‘Beyond Offa’s Dyke: rethinking the Anglo-Welsh frontier in the Early Middle Ages’
    • Luciano Piffanelli (Università di Sapienza, Roma), ‘Crossing Boundaries. Rethinking the Problem of the Spheres of Influence in Late Medieval Italy: an Interdisciplinary Study’
    • Margault Coste (Université de Perpignan), ‘Living on the Frontier of 1258 between France and Aragon’
    • Sam Ottewill-Soulsby (University of Cambridge), ‘The Wolf’s Mouth: Crisis and Escalation on the Carolingian-Moravian Frontier, 882-885’
  • 13:00-14:00 lunch
  • 14:00-15:10 Session 2 (2 parallel strands)
      Strand 1 (mod. TBC): Frontiers between Religions

    • Caterina Villamariz (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), ‘The Religious Frontier: concepts, boundaries and specificities’
    • Anastasija Ropa (Latvijas Sporta pedaģogijas akadēmija), ‘The Permeable, Moving Frontier in Gerald of Wales’s Writings and Henry of Livonia’s Chronicle’
    • Adele Curness (Oxford University), ‘Porous Borders in Southern Italy: The Byzantine Frontier with the Islamic World Reconsidered’
      Strand 2 (mod. Rebecca Darley): Defining the Frontier

    • Stephen Lewis (Université de Caen Normandie), ‘Was there a specifically ‘viking’ frontier? Three continental cases compared’
    • Hervin Fernández-Aceves (University of Leeds), ‘A border within borders: the Abruzzo and the kingdom of Sicily in the twelfth century’
    • Margriet Hoogvliet (University of Groningen), ‘Rethinking borders and identities in northern France and the southern Low Countries (c. 1350-c. 1550)’
  • 15:10-15:40 tea
  • 15:40-17:10 Session 3: Rethinking the Medieval Frontier (mod. TBC)
    • Luca Zavagno (Bilkent University), ‘”Going to the extremes”: Cyprus and the Balearics as Byzantine Mediterranean thresholds between Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages (ca. 600-ca. 800)’
    • Hajnalka Herold (University of Exeter), ‘Frontiers in Post-Roman and Early Medieval Central Europe: An Archaeological Perspective’
    • Jonathan Jarrett (University of Leeds), ‘Our Man on the March: three frontier lords and their geopolitical positions’
  • 17:10-17:45 concluding discussion
  • 17:45 disperse/conference dinner

This is how things stand as of 7 April 2018. Several of the details here, especially moderators, are subject to change, but it’s already looking like an occasion not to miss!