Programme announced for the Rethinking the Medieval Frontier Conference

A sudden flood of on-the-deadline submissions meant that your humble organiser here found himself facing forty submissions for our conference on April 10th. This was and is tremendous, and the level of interest—especially from Italy, for some reason, but also from as far apar as the USA, India and Hong Kong—is inspiring and hugely encouraging. But it was also, of course, rather more than we could accommodate, even after deciding to run two strands in parallel for much of the conference. In the end, I decided that breadth of coverage and potential for comparison were my first concerns, and so now the selection has been made. I want to convey my apologies to everybody whom we couldn’t include (who should all have heard from me by now), and I hope to find out more about your work at another time and place, perhaps at the second conference, funding permitting! And to those we have been able to accept, obviously, just as many thanks and I am very much looking forward to hearing what you all have to tell us. (I will also very shortly be in touch about travel support.)

So, without further ado, the programme is posted here and we will be very happy to see anyone else who wishes to come along, listen and contribute from the floor if they like! Our upper limit is forty people total, so counting both speakers and network members in attendance, we should have room for some fifteen others. I will announce as soon as a registration gateway is up and running, but for now, please save the date and look at the exciting programme!